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In Chinese medicine, natural healing and disease management stem from invisible energy healing. It is the internal life energy (qi) flowing from your conscious mind into the natural and man-made world around you. It is this continuous stream of energy healing that transforms the chaos within your body and mind -- often caused by distorted thoughts and accumulative toxins -- into recovery and rejuvenation. Energy healing is effective disease management.

Essentials of Natural Healing in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, natural healing is a long and slow process of steady transformation of self, requiring the following essential qualities:

Compassion and loving-kindness (beginning of      enlightenment and self-knowledge); patience (healing is slow and cannot be rushed).

Self-Knowledge and Intuitive Wisdom

With these qualities, transformation will begin to open the door to self-knowledge. In fact, natural healing is self-knowledge: you are your own healer. Yes, only you know your body's constitution, only you know your own physical needs, and only you can activate the energy healing power inherent in you.

With the intuitive knowing of who you are and what you want from life, you will then acquire the wisdom in seeing the true nature of reality -- getting in touch with your soul and discovering undiscovered insight and inspiration for energy healing and disease management.

With intuitive wisdom, you start to cultivate the art of living well, which holds the key to natural healing and disease management. This wisdom is the foundation of Chinese medicine, which is different from that of Western medicine.

Western Medical Healing

Western medicine is based on the medical model in which a doctor identifies a set of symptoms of a disease or disorder, and makes a diagnosis to confirm the doctor’s diagnosis and examination; it focuses on pathology, drug, and surgical therapies for disease management.

Chinese Natural Healing

The Chinese healing approach, on the other hand, is based on the balance and harmony of the person -- more specifically, the healthy lifestyle for natural healing and disease management. It aims at removing the fundamental causes, rather than just the symptoms, of a disease or disorder. Chinese healing is about energy healing.

Chinese healing encompasses the following principles for disease management:


The science of natural healing is based on the eternal wisdom that has been refined over many thousands of years. It is the science of truth expressed in life and living for optimum disease management.


The philosophy of natural healing is based on the thinking of the sages seeking balance and harmony with self and Nature for energy healing and disease management.


The religion in natural healing is based on disciplines conducive towards sublime states of being, in which all aspects of life are enlightened.

Thus, the Chinese natural healing has its foundation built on thousands of years of culture and the philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism and Zen. From that foundation come the Nine Pillars of Wisdom in the art of living well. Essentially, it is a simple practical science of life, where principles are universally applicable to each individual's daily existence for disease management and natural healing.

The Chinese way may not necessarily be a better way, but it certainly offers profound wisdom of a different kind.

The Nine Pillars of Wisdom in the Art of Natural Healing

On this site, there are Nine Pillars upholding the premise of natural healing and disease management for living well.

The Pillar of Health Attitudes

Health attitudes, consisting of diligence, one of the seven virtues in Chinese culture, uphold the premise of natural healing. They also embrace the golden mean of no extremity for better disease management.

The Pillar of Mind Power

You are and become what you think you are. Mind power, through meditation, helps you develop positive attitudes for natural healing and health rejuvenation.

The Pillar of Anger Management

Anger management, through Zen living with no grudge and no great expectation, leads to self-knowledge in natural healing and disease management.

The Pillar of Stress Control   

Be mindless of undue concern for aging, obsession to weight loss, love of money, daily troubles and worries -- they are life stressors preventing natural healing.

The Pillar of Mindfulness  

Natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit begins with  healthy love relationships in which loving-kindness, generosity, and compassion are naturally expressed.

The Pillar of Healthy Living

Natural healing and disease management result from a healthy lifestyle with optimum maintenance of the body through internal cleansing, and the mind through Tao wisdom.

The Pillar of Chinese Health

Natural healing for health rejuvenation is based on balance and harmony of the yin and yang expressed in the body, mind, and spirit.

The Pillar of Chinese Healing

Chinese medicine and natural healing are predicated on the principle of qi, blood, jing, and shen, and their balance interrelationship expressed in the yin and yang.

The Pillar of Rejuvenation

Natural healing brings about recovery, complemented by health rejuvenation with the free flow of qi, healthy breathing, and restful sleep.

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Disclaimer: The author is merely expressing his own opinions on different aspects of Chinese health and wellness, and is not offering any medical advice on any health issues that you may have.

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